About Us

Ganga, the holy river of the Hindus in India originating from the north-east glaciers of the Himalays, flowed down through a number of territories. From the time unknown people have gathered on either side of the river and began cultivation and thus created ancient civilisation. This is why this river is regarded as sacred and many a Hindu religious rites take place on the bank of this river.


Like Ganga, we have developed in ourselves almost all the recipes of the different states of India, such as, North, South and the East and West. Owing to different climates in different regions, the food habits are also different. Each recipe is rich in its own way, so to say, Unique. You will get all the different tastes in both the starter and the main menu.


With this we have combined our traditional hospitality. We believe you would find our restaurant as your own place. Besides we have introduced various rebates on various items on different dates to match your personal schedule.


We serve Indian dishes of almost all the states of India made of traditional cooking system. We do not use any dye, the colours are all natural. From a single individual to couples and groups, both small and large we accommodate with warm hospitality. If you check our menu you will find all types of dishes for both starter and the main menu. We have kept the prices very reasonable and competitive. The management would always welcome you with warm heart.


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